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Welcome to Outokumpu - A Place to Be!

Outokumpu is a vivid, vibrant, vital and visionary town in North Karelia, Finland (see map). Currently there are about 7,000 inhabitants in the city, and the population density is about 16.00 per square kilometre.

Town of Outokumpu is located between the two biggest cities in Eastern Finland: Kuopio (100 kilometres) and Joensuu (45 kilometres from Outokumpu). Within 100 km radius from Outokumpu there are over 250,000 inhabitants, many well-known Finnish and European tourist attractions such as Koli National Park and the Monasterys of New Valamo and Lintula, plus two campuses of the University of Eastern Finland (located in Kuopio and Joensuu).

Outokumpu is very easily accessible by bus, see timetables by Matkahuolto and by car. The nearest railway stop is at Viinijärvi (20 kilometres from Outokumpu) and the nearest railway station in Joensuu, see timetables by VR. The nearest airports are located in Onttola, Joensuu (40 kilometres from Outokumpu) and Rissala, Kuopio (80 kilometres from Outokumpu).

Healthcare in Outokumpu is provided by North Karelian Siun Sote: The medical center of Outokumpu is located at the city centre in Sairaalakatu 8 (see map), tel. +35813 3302252. In genuine emergencies contact the emergency number 112 (more info).

On this page you will find basic information on the town. In case of any questions we are more than happy to help you: please contact us by e-mail or by tel. +358447559515!

A place of pure nature

In Outokumpu you will find pure Finnish nature as it’s finest. You can enjoy nature for example by hiking or kayaking in the forests and lakes of Erä- ja luontokeskus or swimming and camping on the beach of Särkiselkä: both places are located just 5 km from the city centre. See map and more info.

A place of high technology

Looking for success? Outokummun Seudun Teollisuuskylä (Industrial Village of Outokumpu) is a home of high tech industry and high qualified manufacturing: in Industrial Village there are over 50 companies. Get the most of it – ask what great benefits you will get to make your business in Outokumpu!

A place of unique history

Did you know that Outokumpu is a birthplace of the modern mining industry in Finland? Nowadays you can visit the Old Mine of Outokumpu - founded in 1913 - and the Mining Museum located right at the city centre. Learn more:

A place of culture, sports and hobbies

Music, theatre, movies, dance, circus, library plus many, many other arts and culture – you can experience it all in Outokumpu! For example in the House of Culture, Kulttuuritalo Marita, you can find cinema Kino Marita ( with the latest Finnish and international box-office hits as well as indie movies. At the heart of the city lies Matovaara Sports Centre equipped with indoor swimming pool, gym, indoor ice rink, football field, running tracks in summer and ski trails in winter etc. etc.

A great place to be - Hope to see you soon!
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